We are at the beginning of the cold season and the immune system of school children is being put to the test in the fight against pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. And a proper diet can stimulate the immune system. Nutritionist Lygia Alexandrescu tells us what are the foods with which we can increase the immunity of the little ones.

What we need to think about when it comes to the school package:

  1. Hygiene first . When we make the school package, we must first put a hygiene item in the backpack to disinfect the hands before meals (antibacterial gel, wet wipes, etc.).
  2. The appearance of the package . For children, the appearance of the food matters a lot, so you can use small and colorful pans with lids, so that the food remains intact in shape.
  3. The contents of the package

– Sandwiches with wholemeal or rye bread, unsalted cheese or chicken / turkey and lettuce

– Fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice

– Fresh vegetables cleaned and sliced ​​or sliced: peppers, donuts, carrots, celery, together with almonds

– Dried fruits mixed with nuts, almonds, unroasted hazelnuts

– Sana or natural whipped milk (packed in airtight containers) with digestive biscuits (rich in fiber) or with a graham bun greased with peanut butter.