Pickled cucumbers, gogonele or cabbage. They are not only culinary delights, preferred by all Romanians, but also foods that help increase immunity. In the fermentation process, bacteria are born that, together with the flora in the body, help us in the face of seasonal infections.

Lygia Alexandrescu explained to „Only good” the importance of pickles in the diet.

„We know how to put pickles in vinegar and pickles in mortar, in brine. When it comes to immunity, we will definitely prefer the dying ones. Why are we very interested in this form of conservation? Because through this fermentation we obtain an exceptionally balanced product for our health and especially for immunity, for the microbiota, for the colon and the intestinal flora, called probiotic. These probiotics multiply very well in the colon and give it what we call balance and something seen in immunity by how often or rarely we catch a cold and how much to take probiotics from supplements we better eat these pickles „, explained the nutritionist.  

Pickles in brine, beneficial for the body

For example, pickles are rich in natural fiber, stimulate digestion and help lose weight due to the low number of calories. In addition, it could also treat diabetes in mild forms.

Pickled cabbage removes fatigue and anemia, slows down the aging process and protects the nervous system. Sour cabbage juice is recommended for detoxifying the body.  

„We must not forget that these pickles from brine consumed in excess also bring a high intake of salt, which is totally undesirable, because the risk of hypertension increases, especially in the elderly and then we do not consume more than 200 grams at a meal and if we talk about gogons, they can be washed a little before, cut in a plate the night before so that that very salty juice is removed and consumed only the pickle as such „, explained Lygia Alexandrescu.

However, vegetables in vinegar are also part of the Romanians’ menu

„Vinegar, most of the time, is extremely strong and acetic acid is not good for our health, especially when we do not have much light, when we stay at home for a long time, when we eat fat.”  

However, vegetables preserved in vinegar can also have benefits. For example, donuts have a role in the assimilation of calcium, in the prevention of cancer of the cervix, prostate and pancreas. Moreover, the risk of blood clots and fractures caused by osteoporosis also decreases.